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ZooKeeper Poll Results

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We’ve collected 50 votes in our ZooKeeper Usage Poll over the last few days.  Here are the results so far:

  • 66% of people use ZooKeeper directly
  • Another 16% use ZooKeeper indirectly
  • 18% do not use ZooKeeper at all

This puts total ZooKeeper usage at over 80%.  BUT:

Direct ZooKeeper usage being so high at 66% seems a little high and indirect usage being so low at 16% doesn’t feel quite right.  ZooKeeper is used by Hadoop, HBase, SolrCloud, Kafka, Storm, and a number of other popular distributed systems that one would think indirect usage would be much higher than direct usage.

What’s your take on these numbers?

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4 thoughts on “ZooKeeper Poll Results

      1. What I meant was that people who use Zookeeper directly are more likely to click through to a blog post with “ZooKeeper” in the title. So the poll might not be a random sampling of your users (or even of the people following your blog).

        1. Maybe, although the post wasn’t posted to ZK-specific lists like ZK list, Hadoop list, etc. for this very reason. But note the observation in the post. It wasn’t really about people using ZK vs. people not using ZK. It was about people saying they use ZK directly vs. people saying they use ZK indirectly. Wouldn’t you think more people “use” ZK indirectly (e.g. by using Hadoop or Solr or Storm or ….) vs. directly (i.e., by writing or running an application that communicates with ZK directly for its own needs)?

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