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config file option (-c or --config) does not work with Fluentbit Ubuntu installation - FluentBit - [issue]
...Bug ReportDescribe the bugInstall fluent-bit from Ubuntu Software Service. It always give error :[Warning] [config] I cannot open my_conf.conf fileError: Configuration file contains errors. ...    Author: vishalbharg , 2020-09-29, 09:58
[ML] Limit exposing shared static code through ml/public/index.ts. - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryFixes #77041This PR is inspired by the fixes for the APM/Logs/Metrics to reduce the page load bundle size (see #71843, #67654).The bundle size of the page load bundle gets reduced fro...    Author: walterra , 2020-09-29, 09:57
[ML] Improve bundles sizes related to shared code ml/transform - Kibana - [issue]
...We are sharing code from the ML plugin (e.g. custom data grid components etc.) with the transforms plugin. Since the shared modules are exposed via e.g. plugins/ml/public this could affect b...    Author: walterra , 2020-09-29, 09:57
[APM] Service Map: `Not Defined` option doesn't work properly - Kibana - [issue]
...related to #77483...    Author: cauemarcondes , 2020-09-29, 09:57
[Lens] Close flyout on outside click - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryFixes #78195When clicking outside of flyout, the flyout is closed....    Author: mbondyra , 2020-09-29, 09:57
[Ingest Manager] Upgrade Action: make source URI optional - Beats - [issue]
...What does this PR do?This PR makes source URI optional and requires it on snapshot upgrades. Otherwise if it is missing agent uses source URI from elastic-agent configuration.Making it optio...    Author: michalpristas , 2020-09-29, 09:56
[APM] update apm index pattern - Kibana - [issue]
...Update the APM index pattern....    Author: axw , 2020-09-29, 09:54
[doc] Curl command is not exported correctly from Saved Objects API - Kibana - [issue]
...Kibana version: 7.9.1In page, when you click on the "Copy as cURL" button, this:$ curl -X POST api/saved_objects/_imp...    Author: dadoonet , 2020-09-29, 09:53
[ILM] Data tier notices should reflect tier preferences - Kibana - [issue]
...SummaryWith the introduction of tier preferences (elastic/elasticsearch#62589) for phases in ILM. The UI should be updated to show more appropriate notices to users.Tier preferences are a wa...    Author: jloleysens , 2020-09-29, 09:50
[expand - 4 more] - [prometheus-users] Re: Alertmanger stopped working with smarthost - Prometheus - [mail # user]
...Thanks for your input! DNS resolution works as expected.[EMAIL PROTECTED] schrieb am Dienstag, 29. September 2020 um 11:40:49 UTC+2:> Try to login into Alertmanager pod and try if your ab...
   Author: Moritz Tanzer via Prometh... , Sandeep Rao Kokkirala , ... , 2020-09-29, 09:49