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Sematext at Lucene Revolution 2011

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Last year at Lucene Revolution in October in Boston, we shared how we built and  In May of this year, we’ll again be talking at Lucene Revolution about another topic very dear to us at Sematext – Search Analytics (abstract).  The full conference agenda is available.  Start picking sessions to attend.

This year’s Lucene Revolution is extra interesting because Sematext is also sponsoring the conference.  In addition to that, it’s great to see a couple of our customers be presenting this year!

If you are coming to the conference don’t be afraid to say hello.  And if San Francisco is too far this year and you are on the east coast of the US in mid-June, you can also catch us at the Open Source Search Conference.  And if you are in Europe, you’ll see us there in June of this year, too.  Until then, so long from @sematext.

For more information on this topic read about Sematext Search Analytics service.

2 thoughts on “Sematext at Lucene Revolution 2011

  1. “The” conference sponsor? Umm, when I look at it lists sematext at the bottom of the conference page under ‘community’ sponsors, below VmWare and Manning Press. I went to the conference last year, and Lucid Imagination put a huge amount of resources into producing the thing. Sorry, I don’t think being a ‘community’ sponsor means ‘the’.

    1. It appears Lucid temporarily messed up the Community Sponsor ordering. They fixed it now after a reminder. Thanks for pointing it out, *the* Solr Guy :). Yes, we are certainly neither the main or the only sponsor – the emphasis wasn’t on “the”.

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