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[WICKET-2356] component report more informative message on error loading model object - Wicket - [issue]
...Because at org.apache.wicket.util.lang.PropertyResolver.getGetAndSetter( throws a WicketException, the component location etc are not shown which makes it hard to t...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-09-26, 12:48
[WICKET-2370] LoadableDetachableModel sets attached true even when exception occurs during load() - Wicket - [issue]
...LoadableDetachableModel sets attached true even when exception occurs during load(). We rely on exceptions being thrown / caught for our caching system, which in this case sits behind our LD...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-07-22, 05:45
[WICKET-2306] Extension for WicketTester to easily get AjaxLazyLoadPanel's to render their contents - Wicket - [issue]
...Searches the {@link MarkupContainer}, looking for and triggering{@link AjaxLazyLoadPanel}s to fetch their contents. Very useful fortesting pages / panels that use {@link AjaxLazyLoadPanel}s....    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-06-18, 16:21
[PLUTO-521] add warning when trying to publish an event when event not registered - Pluto - [issue]
...diff --git a/pluto-portal-driver-impl/src/main/java/org/apache/pluto/driver/services/container/ b/pluto-portal-driver-index 2f5669b..5d435dc 100644--- a/pluto-portal-dr...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-04-08, 07:41
[PLUTO-522] pluto looks up wrong context when publish an event in response to an event - Pluto - [issue]
...I am experiencing a problem where I have two portals specified in the same war file.When portal b correctly receives an event from portal a, and then in response also tries to publish an eve...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-04-07, 14:22
[PLUTO-519] Better error msg on invalid event payload class - Pluto - [issue]
...pretty self explanatory, see the patch--- a/pluto-portal-driver-impl/src/main/java/org/apache/pluto/driver/services/container/ b/pluto-portal-driver-impl/src/main/ja...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-04-07, 02:38
[PLUTO-508] pluto:install / pluto missing commons logging - Pluto - [issue]
...after a fresh 2.0 build and pluto:install - got CNEs for commons logging when starting tomcat, added commongs-logging 1.1.1 to tomcat lib dir and pluto started without error.Is this intentio...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2009-01-27, 22:59
[WICKET-1875] create javadoc for existing portal imeplementation - Wicket - [issue]
...Have already done a bit of work on this, will put up a patch shortly....    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2008-11-28, 14:16
[PLUTO-517] PortletWindowConfig#createPortletId generates troublesome id with leading slash - Pluto - [issue]
...PortletWindowConfig#createPortletId uses the context as the beginning of the ID, but leaves the leading slash on if it exists. This is troublesome for parsing to resultant portlet id from ur...    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2008-11-28, 14:14
[WICKET-1921] Add an extension of AutoCompleteTextField which includes default css - Wicket - [issue]
...The component doesn't seem to work very well without some basic CSS. Adding this will help people get started with it / demonstrate the css....    Author: Antony Stubbs , 2008-11-27, 19:28