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Troubleshooting Sematext Docker Agent


The following command enables debug information to stdout - to be displayed with docker logs container_id_of_sematext-agent-docker:

docker run -d --name sematext-agent -e SPM_TOKEN=YOUR-SPM_TOKEN \
-e SPM_LOG_LEVEL=debug \
-v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \

docker logs -f sematext-agent

Parameters for debug output:

-e SPM_LOG_TO_CONSOLE=true - enables internal log messages to the console. Normally only metrics and errors are logged to the console.
-e SPM_LOG_LEVEL=debug - "info|warn|error|debug" - set this to "debug" to see all messages on console
-e DEBUG_SPM_LOGGING=enabled - very detailed logging before parsing, after parsing, inserts to Logsene, etc. - please activate it only on demand from our support

If running Sematext Docker Agent in debug mode doesn't help you spot and solve the problem please send us the diagnostics package as described below.

Run the following to collect basic information for our support, such as environment variables, and configuration:

docker exec -it sematext-agent spm-client-diagnostics
SPM diagnostics info is in /tmp/
Please e-mail the file to [](

Please contact us via chat or email us the output of that command and the generated ZIP file (to You can copy the ZIP file to your host using "docker cp":

docker cp sematext-agent:/tmp/ .