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Sematext Agent Release Notes

Sematext Agent is a dynamic project with frequent releases. This Changelog contains only important changes, new features, and critical bug fixes.

Version 2.2.0

New Features

  • SC-15689 Introducing a new command to gather information about Kubernetes Cluster Roles: This new feature enables our agent to collect Cluster Roles and provide more useful information in Sematext Cloud.
  • SC-13098 HTTPS support for OpenSearch and ElasticSearch: Sematext-Agent now supports both HTTP and HTTPS. The agent automatically detects whether HTTPS is available and uses it accordingly.


  • SC-15905 Rewritten agent app logs to be under st-agent: The Sematext Agent logs are now displayed under st-agent, resulting in cleaner and more organized dashboards.
  • SC-14375 Removed unnecessary errors from Fleet/Agent Errors page: We've cleaned up some noise from the Fleet/Agent Errors page to improve your monitoring experience.

Bug Fixes

  • SC-15754 Fixed ClickHouse discovery service signature: We have addressed an issue that caused some log files to not be selected.
  • SC-16064 Fixed empty data for Infra info page: This fix resolves an issue with delayed data on the Infra info page.
  • SC-16072 Fixed non-displayed HTTP request codes for Apache Logs: We have corrected our log field generator for this case, ensuring that all HTTP request codes are properly displayed.

Version 2.1.0

New Features

  • SC-14822 OpenSearch logs parsing support: With this update, we now parse fields of your log messages. We will also be releasing OpenSearch logs integration soon to enhance your logging experience.


  • SC-14963 Additional Kubelet metrics: You can now collect a wider range of metrics from your Kubelet nodes, providing you with greater visibility into the health and performance of your Kubernetes cluster.
  • SC-15285 Logging process improvements: We have made several enhancements to our logging process to reduce noise and simplify logs shown in Fleet.

Bug Fixes

  • SC-15581 Fixed missing Docker container memory issue: We have resolved the issue where the Docker container memory was not being properly displayed.
  • Fixed missing []*types.ContainerInfo issue: We have addressed the issue where []*types.ContainerInfo was missing.
  • SC-12977 Fixed JVM garbage collection detection: We have corrected the issue where the JVM GC logs were being identified as logs of another type.
  • SC-15891 Fixed log shipping in Docker Swarm for some cases: We have resolved the issue where log shipping was not working properly for Docker Swarm.

Packaging and Installation

  • SC-15761 CentOS 9 package was released.

Version 2.0.0

New Features

  • OpenSearch auto-discovery support. Now you can easily start to collect the metrics of your OpenSearch services. Check OpenSearch Monitoring Integration for more information.
  • StatefulSets and DaemonSets metrics collecting support.

Bug Fixes

  • Swarm housekeeping functionality.

Breaking Changes

We added StatefulSets and DaemonSets metrics collection support. This new feature requires some additional cluster roles. If you're using Kubernetes and you installed the agent with kubectl, please update the clusterroles before upgrading your agent by running the following command:

kubectl apply -f