Configuring Package Collection

Package Collection is enabled by default in the Sematext Agent configuration. It collects packages from two different sources:

  • packages installed on virtual/bare-metal hosts
  • packages residing inside containers

You can disable package collection by setting the following properties:

   # st-agent.yml
     enabled: false
     container-enabled: false

Additionally, you can tweak the interval that determines how often packages are scanned. By default, the interval is every 10 minutes. The agent retrieves packages from the file system and any running containers, then compares the current state to decide which packages should be reported as installed or removed, and finally ships the events to Sematext Cloud. In addition to reading package info periodically, the agent also captures package install, update, and uninstall events and ships them in real time.

   # st-agent.yml
     interval: 10m

Some packages may include the a list of configuration files (e.g. Debian packages). To instruct the agent to track the configuration files, you can use the following settings.

   # st-agent.yml
     configs-enabled: true