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Process Metadata

Process metrics are enriched with additional metadata serving as an invaluable resource for root cause analysis or debugging. The table below summarizes the metadata that are tracked for each process.

Process metadata

Name Description
name Represents the process name
cmd Is the complete command line of the process
cwd Designates the current working directory
umask Is the process umask in octal format. The umask determines the permission bits of the files created by this process
start time Represents the process start time
pid Represents the unique process identifier
tid Is the identifier of the currently active thread
ppid Is the parent identifier of the process
uid Determines the real user identifier
user Represents the human-readable user name
gid Determines the real group identifier
group Represents the human-readable group name
container id In case of containerized processes, represents the container identifier that owns the process
container name In case of containerized processes, represents the container name that owns the process