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Installing Logagent on Mac

Install Node.js

Here are the official Node.js downloads and instructions.

Install the Logagent npm package

sudo npm i -g @sematext/logagent 

Run Logagent and ship logs

1. Register for a free account at

2. Create a Logs App to get a Logs Token for Sematext Logs

3. Run Logagent as System Service

Logagent detects the init system and installs Launchd service scripts.

  • Ship logs to default US region

    sudo logagent-setup -i LOGS_TOKEN
  • Ship logs to EU region

    sudo logagent-setup -i LOGS_TOKEN -u
  • Ship logs to local Elasticsearch

    sudo logagent-setup -i index -u http://localhost:9200

Changing the Elasticsearch index and endpoint lets you ship logs to any Elasticsearch cluster. After running logagent-setup the agent will start shipping logs immediately.

Location of service scripts
  • Launchd: launchctl start/stop com.sematext.logagent
Check service status
  • Launchd: launchctl start/stop com.sematext.logagent
Start/stop service
  • Launchd: launchctl start/stop com.sematext.logagent

4. Configure Logagent settings

The setup script generates the configuration file in /etc/sematext/logagent.conf. The default settings will ship all log files from the /var/log directory to Sematext Cloud. Here's the configuration guide.