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hostNetwork Setting Usage for Control Plane Components Monitoring

What is hostNetwork?

In Kubernetes, the hostNetwork is a configuration option that allows a container to share the network namespace of its host node. When hostNetwork is enabled for a pod, it means that the pod's containers will use the networking stack of the underlying host machine instead of having their own isolated network stack.

Sematext Agent and hostNetwork Access

Sematext Agent requires hostNetwork: true setting to monitor the control plane components. By default, the hostNetwork setting is set to true starting from version 3.0.0 of Sematext Agent.

Turning Off hostNetwork Access

If you want to turn off hostNetwork access, it's important to note that you may lose the ability to monitor some control plane components. However, if you still want to proceed, here are the instructions based on the installation method you are using:

Helm Installation

Include the following parameter in your regular Helm installation command: --set hostNetwork=false.

kubectl Installation

Remove the following variables from your YAML file if they are present: hostNetwork, dnsPolicy.