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Sematext Dashboards Quick Start

After you log into Sematext Cloud at (or if using Sematext Cloud Europe), the first step is to create a Dashboard. A Dashboard is a collection for different types of data. This is where you keep logs, metrics, events, infrastructure data and experience statistics in a single screen for easy correlation and troubleshooting.

For example, if you have a development and a production environment, it might make sense to have one Dashboard for each. You can create as many Dashboards as you want.

Creating a Dashboard

You create a Dashboard by pressing the + Add New Dashboard button in the Dashboards tab.

Create a new Dashboard

Give it a name and description.

Name the Dashboard

Adding Components to a Dashboard

Any type of component can be easily added to one or more Dashboards.

Once you have a dashboard created, you can start adding components to it. However, at least one or more Apps need to be created. As soon as your data is consumed and indexed by Sematext Cloud, logs, metrics, experience, events, and infrastructure components will become available to add to Dashboards.

With the custom reports features you can first create specific logging, events or metric component, and add it to your Dashboard just as you can with out-of-the-box integration specific components that come included when you first create an App.

The image below shows a sample of a custom Kafka report panel that was created by our DevOps team, and illustrates what will be displayed in a modal window when you add a component to a Dashboard using the components settings dropdown menu.

Add Metric Dashboards Component

Available Dashboard Components

  • Line, Area, Bar charts metrics component binned by data creation date
  • Bar chart component binned by data creation date
  • Table of events component in reverse chronological order
  • Log table component with logs listed in reverse chronological order
  • Logs count bar chart time series component
  • Numeric field time series component
  • Events count bar chart time series component
  • Top N values of given log event field component
  • Pie chart
  • Doughnut chart
  • Geo map
  • 24x7 Heatmap
  • Heatbar
  • Numeric panel for a single numerical value
  • Metric panel for multiple numerical values from different Apps
  • Markdown free form editor component used to create textual panels used to add custom event notes