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Sematext Logagent Changelog

Breaking changes in Logagent v3.x

Geo IP lookups

Logagent v2.x handles Geo IP lookups in the parser module. Adjusting fields, containing IP addresses, required changes in patterns.yml

Logagent v3.x has a new geoip plugin the list of fields for lookups are specified via environment variable or command line flag.

Note Logagent v3.x requires the setting for GEOIP_FIELDS (default value client_ip). It ignores the settings in patterns.yml. If you used custom field names make sure you set GEOIP_FIELDS environment variable or --geoipFields command line flag.

Backward compatible environment variables:

  • GEOIP_ENABLED=<true|false> - enable Geo IP lookups
  • MAXMIND_DB_DIR=/tmp/ - set DB directory

Backward compatible command line flags:

  • --geoipEnabled <true|false>

New environment variable:

  • GEOIP_FIELDS="client_ip,remote_address" - list of fields

New command line flag:

  • --geoipFields "client_ip,remote_address" - list of fields

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