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Process Monitoring Metrics

Sematext Agent gathers various metrics and metadata about running processes and brings them to Sematext Cloud so you can painlessly explore the system resources allocated by processes whether they're executing on bare metal machines, VMs, plain containers or scheduled to run on multi-cluster Kubernetes workloads.

To tweak the frequency of the process' data series collection and delivery to Sematext Cloud adjust the following options:

   # st-agent.yml
     interval: 10s


The agent collects top N processes by CPU and memory utilization. Once process is elected as a top resource consumer, it stays in the top N list for the time slice that has been allocated to it. It is relinquished from the top N list when there is another process with higher resource usage that displaces the current process or it leaves the top N list voluntarily (e.g. no longer detected as a relevant resource consumer).

The table below includes all available metrics.

Metric name Description
resident memory Represents the resident memory allocated by the process. It includes the memory allocated for heap and stack areas
CPU usage Designates the process' percentage of CPU utilization
fd count Is the number of file descriptors allocated by the process
thread count Represents the number of threads running in the process' address space
disk read bytes Is the number of bytes that the process fetched from the storage layer
disk write bytes Is the number of bytes which the process sent to the storage layer
read ops Is the number of read operations (syscalls, e.g. read or pread) issued by the process
write ops Is the number of write operations (syscalls, e.g. write or pwrite) issued by the process