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Sematext Node Agent

The Node agent is a lightweight open-source agent for monitoring Node.js applications. It is built on top of the open-source SPM Agent Framework.

This agent is still in active use.


Node 4.x and above.

Deprecated variants

In the past, the same base was used to monitor a few other integrations:

These are now monitored with a new, unified Sematext Agent that provides numerous other integrations out-of-the-box and enables exciting features like infrastructure monitoring, auto-discovery and many more.

To install the new agent, just follow the instructions in Sematext Cloud UI.

Before that, uninstall the old Node.js based agent if you were previously using one of:


The old agent was installed as an upstart or a systemd service, depending on your OS. To uninstall it, just uninstall it like any other service. The names of the services related to these agents are:

  • sematext-agent-nginx
  • sematext-agent-httpd
  • spm-agent-mongodb