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Logagent Release Notes

Logagent is a dynamic project with frequent releases. This Changelog contains only important changes, new features, and critical bug fixes.

New Features

  • RedHat container certification
  • Kubernetes audit log plugin to receive data from Kubernetes audit log webhook


  • Docker images:
    • Add health check command
    • Dockerfile for aarch64
    • Dockerfile for RedHat Enterprise
  • Creation of binary executables using nexe. The executable can run without installing Node.js runtime.
  • Automated changelog and release notes


  • Log patterns: Bugfix for web server log patterns
  • Docker plugin: Bugfix for not collecting container logs after quick container restarts.

Breaking changes > 2.0.162

Changes in field names

Field names for container and host metadata changed. In case a changed field was used in dashboards or alerts, the renaming could break existing dashboards or alert rules in Sematext Cloud.

Original Field Name New Field Name
ip os.host_ip
image container.image

The change was required to correlate container metrics and logs by those fieds.

Version 2.0.142 - 2.0.160

New Features

  • New input plugin for Kubernetes / containerd logs (IBM Cloud)
  • New input plugin to receive data from systemd-journal-upload.service
  • New input plugin for the collection of Docker events
  • New input plugin for Kubernetes events
  • New output plugin 'output-http', pushing data in line delimited JSON format


  • Docker plugin: support LOGS_TOKEN and LOGSENE_TOKEN for container log routing
  • Log patterns:
    • parsing dockerd logs
    • improved zookeeper log parsing

Breaking changes


More information

To keep abreast of new Sematext Logagent releases and improvements, please: