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MySQL driver

Due to license restrictions, the MySQL Connector is not bundled within the sematext/app-agent Docker image. Instead, Sematext Agent automatically downloads the MySQL jar artifact from the Maven repository according to the version of the MySQL service that was discovered.

However, sometimes it is not possible to download the jar file for a variety of reasons including on-premise setups that lack Internet connectivity. To overcome this limitation, you can manually copy the desired MySQL driver into the /var/run/st-agent directory of your Docker hosts.

If Sematext Agent is not able to contact the Maven repository, it will attempt to find the jar in the aforementioned directory and transfer it to the App Agent container.

Storing the driver in Kubernetes volume

The preferred way of providing the driver in Kubernetes workloads is by depositing it inside a volume. This is only required if Sematext Agent is not able to automatically download the jar artifact. Create a persistent volume according to your storage provisioning solution. The volume should contain the MySQL jar file that you manually copied. Lastly, you have to create the mysql-driver-pvc PVC (Persistent Volume Claim) for the volume that holds the driver file.