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Sematext Operator

The Sematext Operator for Kubernetes provides an easy way to deploy Sematext Agent.

It installs the Sematext Agent to all nodes in your cluster via a DaemonSet resource.


To run the operator and its dependencies run the following command:

kubectl apply -f


This operator uses all the same options as the Sematext Agent Helm Chart, please take a look at all the options in the following table:

Parameter Description Default
containerToken Sematext Container token Nil Provide your Container token
infraToken Sematext Infra token Nil Provide your Infra token
region Sematext region US Sematext US or EU region
agent.image.repository The image repository sematext/agent
agent.image.tag The image tag latest
agent.image.pullPolicy Image pull policy Always
agent.service.port Service port 8675
agent.service.type Service type ClusterIP
agent.resources Agent resources {}
serverBaseUrl Custom Base URL Nil
logsReceiverUrl Custom Logs receiver URL Nil
eventsRecieverUrl Custom Event receiver URL Nil
serviceAccount.create Create a service account true Service account name Nil Defaults to chart name
rbac.create RBAC enabled true
tolerations Tolerations []
nodeSelector Node selector {}

For example, if you want to deploy Sematext Agent in EU region, create the following resource:

kind: SematextAgent
  name: test-sematextagent
  region: "EU"
  infraToken: YOUR_INFRA_TOKEN

NOTE: You need to create an Infra App in Sematext Cloud US or Sematext Cloud EU to get your Infra App Token.

Once you have created the above resource, you can apply this file with kubectl apply -f.

Then you can see you pods with the Sematext Agent deployed:

sematext-operator-58565cbf84-shbwx                                1/1     Running       0          3m
test-sematextagent-5nx9ybt86klqkrgcvzuaqpztk-sematext-agen7qpv7   2/2     Running       0          2m
test-sematextagent-5nx9ybt86klqkrgcvzuaqpztk-sematext-agen9gdkh   2/2     Running       0          2m
test-sematextagent-5nx9ybt86klqkrgcvzuaqpztk-sematext-agendvqpw   2/2     Running       0          2m
test-sematextagent-5nx9ybt86klqkrgcvzuaqpztk-sematext-agenntfzv   2/2     Running       0          2m


Run the kubectl delete command to remove the operator and its dependencies:

kubectl delete -f