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Sematext User Roles

Typically you might have one person create an account by signing up. When using Sematext as a team we recommend creating a team account. Such an account can then serve as a parent account for your whole organization or team.


Since the person who created the account would be its OWNER, this person is typically a team leader or manager, somebody with the responsibility to oversee the DevOps pipeline of the whole organization or team. They might then choose to share the whole Account with every other person from the team/organization to allow others to easily access all Apps, Dashboards, Alert Rules, etc. created under that account.


Some invited users might be given the ADMIN role, which gives them read, write, and invite rights.


Other invitees might get the USER role, which mostly only grants read rights with the ability to create and edit their own Dashboards, Alerts, and Subscriptions which are available to everyone under the shared account.

Billing Admin

In some cases, the account OWNER will not be able to handle billing-related info and will want to invite one or more BILLING_ADMINs who will be able to define, edit, and delete credit cards and choose plans to be used for Apps in the account.