Saved Views Guide

Filtering and grouping data is a central part of the Sematext Cloud user interface. With Saved Views you can save your filters and groups for faster access later. If you find yourself often applying the same filters on your data then this feature can be a time saver.

The feature is available on all screens where the Saved Views button is visible. This button displays "Default View" when no saved view is selected as shown in the animations below.

To save a view for later, follow the steps below:

  1. Change the filters according to which data you want to see
  2. Click on the highlighted Saved Views button
  3. Click on "Save As" and enter a descriptive name for the filter

Creating the saved view

Later, when you come back to this screen:

  1. Click the Saved Views button
  2. Select the previously saved view

Selecting the saved view

Saved Views are available in Monitoring, Logs, Synthetics, and Experience Apps as well as on any dashboards you've created.