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Monitoring SolrCloud



Metric Name Key Agg Type Description
req. count solr.request.count Sum Long
warmup time solr.warmup.time Max Long
error count solr.error.count Count Metric
autocommits Sum Long
commits solr.indexing.commits Sum Long
update errors solr.indexing.errors Sum Long
deletes by id Sum Long
added docs Sum Long
optimizes solr.indexing.optimizes Sum Long
deletes by query solr.indexing.deletes.query Sum Long
rollbacks solr.indexing.rollbacks Sum Long
expunge deletes solr.indexing.deletes.expunge Sum Long
docs pending Avg Long
soft commits solr.indexing.commits.soft Sum Long
autocommit max time Max Long
lookups solr.cache.segment.lookups Sum Long
evictions solr.cache.segment.evicted Sum Long
autowarm count or % solr.cache.segment.autowarm.count Max Long
size solr.cache.segment.size Max Long
max. size solr.cache.segment.size.max Max Long
hits solr.cache.segment.hits Sum Long
max doc Max Long
num docs Max Long
num of files solr.index.files Max Long
size on the disk solr.index.files.size Max Long
segments solr.index.segments Max Long