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Logagent input plugin for Command

Input Plugin: Command

Input plugin to schedule commands and stream the output into Logagent, similar to 'tail -n 10 test.log | logagent --yaml'.


  • collect output from command line tools
  • collect journald logs via journalctl
  • collect information via http with curl or wget


    module: command
    command: journalctl -o json --since="$QUERY_TIME"
    sourceName: journald

    # date format for replacing $QUERY_TIME and $NOW
    # the following works for journalctl, the default is ISO 8601
    dateFormat: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss

    # where to persist last $QUERY_TIME
    # defaults to os.tmpdir()+'logagentLastQueryTimeFile'
    # lastQueryTimeFile: /tmp/logagentLastQueryTimeFile

    # value for $QUERY_TIME if nothing was persisted. Default below
    # initialQueryTime: "2001-01-01 00:00:00"

    # memory for the pipe between the command and Logagent
    # it should fit the maximum size of the command's stdout/stderr
    # size in bytes. Default below
    # maxBuffer: 50000000

    # after finishing the command, wait for N seconds then run it again
    restart: 1

    module: elasticsearch
    url: http://localhost:9200
    index: journald_logs

Start Logagent

logagent --config myconfig.yml