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Sematext Events User Guide

Sematext lets you visualize performance, metrics, logs, and events. They represent what's happening with a server or cluster, with an application, a Docker container, and much more.

What are Events? Why do you need them and how do you use them?

Think about when something happens in your infrastructure.

  • An application starts/stops
  • or server restarts,
  • CI/CD builds finish running,
  • deployments succeed,
  • alerts send out notifications, etc

These are all Events!

Events are graphed in time-series charts and these charts can be shown next to Metrics or Logs charts.

Events Correlations

Here's an Events correlation panel expanded in an Apache Monitoring App with server metrics. You can correlate Events with Metrics and see how certain events affected metric spikes.

You can also correlate Events with Logs for full observability. This means you can have Events, Logs, and Metrics on the same timeline, saving you huge amounts of time when debugging.

Sematext Cloud Events and Metrics and Logs Correlation

In addition to showing Events as a time-series chart, you have a detailed Events Stream where you can search and filter them. Events have tags, making it that much easier.

Events Components

There are two main components that make up Events. Both can be added to dashboards just as Metrics and Logs components.

You can create Events and attach them to any particular Monitoring, Logs, or Experience App, or dashboard. It's great for leaving notes alongside auto-generated data. It supports markdown format and provides a perfect way to provide human input which can later be used for presentations and reminders.

Events Histogram

The Events Histogram is a timeline of Events time-series data. It can easily be filtered using the time-picker component shortcuts, as well as zoom and shift chart tools.

Sematext Cloud Events Histogram Component

Events Stream

The Event Stream component is a list view of all Events that occurred across your infrastructure. It centralizes all of them in a single table, and is a unified way to filter and pinpoint issues across different parts of your infrastructure.

Sematext Cloud Events Stream Component

Apart from what you see here, you can send your own custom events to the Sematext Events Stream. Our Events feature is exposed via a REST API that lets you post, retrieve, and search your events. This REST API matches the Elasticsearch API, so you can use any Elasticsearch tool or client to post, get, and search for events.