Flattener Processor

This processor enables the transformation of nested JSON array objects into individual fields. Once segregated, these fields can be renamed and utilized as metrics, enabling the creation of charts and data visualization.

Consider a scenario where a nested JSON array field contains performance metrics from cloud instances:

"cloud": { "server": { "metrics": ["8", "80", "521"] } }

In its original format, these metrics are challenging to visualize. However, the Flattener Processor allows you to extract these metrics into separate fields.

The process involves:

Selecting the Source Field: Choose the field you wish to flatten and designate the target field name.

Flattener Processor

Renaming Flattened Objects: Assign meaningful names to the flattened objects for easy access later

Rename Processor

This transformation enables you to utilize these fields effectively for data visualization.

If the extracted field values contain both text and numerical information, such as units, you can use Field Extractor processor and trim the accompanying text, keeping only the numerical value.

Once the numerical fields are obtained, you can navigate to the Field Editor to set the type of the newly created fields as float or integer. Then, by using Logs Table Quick Actions, you can visualize data in this field using Chart Builder.