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Installing Logagent with Helm

Please note the following instructions use the latest Logagent image from Docker Hub. If you want to use certified images please pull the image from Red Hat and Docker registries.

Helm Chart

  • Sematext Agent Helm Chart: helm repo add sematext

Installation with Helm

The Logagent Docker image is pre-configured for the log collection on container platforms. It runs as a tiny container on every Kubernetes node and collects logs for all cluster nodes and their containers.

All container logs are enriched with Kubernetes metadata.

See: sematext/helm-charts on Github.

This Helm chart installs the Logagent to all nodes in your cluster via a DaemonSet resource. Logagent is part of sematext-agent chart.

Sematext Agent chart is hosted in the Sematext Repository. Add and update the repo:

helm repo add sematext 
helm repo update

To install the chart run the following command:

helm install st-logagent \
  --set logsToken=YOUR_LOGS_TOKEN \
  --set logsReceiverUrl= \


To see detailed configuration params and manuals, see: