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Logagent input plugin for Microsoft Azure Event Hub

Input Plugin: Azure Event Hub

Plugin subscribes to Microsoft Azure Event Hub and receives events in real-time.

Use cases:

  • collect logs from Azure applications
  • collect metrics from Azure
  • collect any kind of events from Event Hubs
  • long term storage for events in Sematext Cloud
  • use Sematext Cloud anomaly detection and alerts based on Azure events


# Collect Azure Events
    module: azure-eventhub
    # Event Hub Name
    name: hub1
    # Your Event Hub endpoint, requires read permissions 
    endpoint: Endpoint=sb://;SharedAccessKeyName=RootManageSharedAccessKey;SharedAccessKey=oahU9gjxqXvIpvJbOOU/UiTI+cyTY1kKqib43jMXnMQ=
    # Your consumer group
    consumerGroup: '$Default'
    # depending on the JSON structure of the events, you can change 
    # the field name to extract event entries
    # Microsoft puts a bulk of events into the msg field
    # bodyField: msg

# Store Azure events in Sematext Cloud
  module: elasticsearch

Start Logagent to view azure events on console

logagent --config azure-events.yml --yaml