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Remove fields from logs

Output filter: remove-fields

This plugin removes fields before the output happens. All occurrences of the original field value are replaced in the log "message" field with the string "!REMOVED!".

In the context of data protection regulations like GDPR you might need to mask data fields, especially when you handover log data to 3rd parties.


Add the following section 'outputFilter' to the Logagent configuration file. Please note you could use the plugin with multiple configurations for different event sources.

# tail web server logs
    - '/var/log/*/access_log'

# log agent parses web server logs out of the box ...
# output filter to encrypt client_ip and user field in web server logs
    module: remove-fields
    # JS regeular expression to match log source name
    matchSource: !!js/regexp access_log
      - client_ip
      - user

Run Logagent with your config:

logagent --config logagent-example-config.yml -n httpd --yaml

The output does not contain client_ip and user field:

logSource:    httpd
_type:        access_common
remote_id:    -
method:       GET
path:         /
http_version: HTTP/1.1
status_code:  304
size:         0
@timestamp:   Thu Apr 26 2018 22:02:26 GMT+0200 (CEST)