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Telegram Alerts Integration

In Telegram

1. Setup your Telegram client and start chatting with a user named BotFather. This is a place where you can create your bot. Just type in:


And in the next line type your bot name, e.g., SematextNotificationBot.

Finally, type the bot username, it has to end with the _bot suffix, e.g., SematextNotificationBot_bot.

If everything went successfully you should get a message with the Bot Token API key:

Create Telegram Bot Token API Key

Copy the Bot Token API key somewhere, you will need it to configure the notification hook in Sematext.

2. Invite the bot to the channel to which it should send notifications. You can do that by including the bot in the administrators of the channel in your Telegram client. Let's follow the steps.

First, message the bot using the Telegram client of your choice:

Create Telegram Integration - Message Bot

Next, click the channel name:

Create Telegram Integration - Click Channel Name

Click the Administrators to list the channel administrators:

Create Telegram Integration - List Administrators

Click the Add Admin button:

Create Telegram Integration - Add Admin

Find the created bot and click on it:

Create Telegram Integration - Add the Bot

Finally, review the permissions and click done:

Create Telegram Integration - Review Permissions

3. Retrieve the channel identifier for the channel where the bot will send notifications. This can be done by running the following request:

curl -s -k<BOT_TOKEN_API_KEY>/getUpdates

Just replace the with the token that you got in the second step. The response should be similar to the following one:

"channel_post":{"message_id":2,"chat":{"id":-1001236826225,"title":"SematextNotifications","type":"channel"},"date":1598380548,"text":"Test test"}}]}

If the response is empty, just send a simple message to the channel you invited the bot to and re-run the request. We are interested in the chat identifier, so the -1001236826225 value from the above response. Note it down.

We are now ready to add our Telegram notification hook to Sematext.

In Sematext

1. Navigate to Notification Hooks (in EU) and select Telegram card to create a new Telegram notification hook.

Sematext Notification Hooks

2. Add your Telegram bot token and chat identifier.

Create Telegram Integration

Next, click the Send Test Notification button. Telegram should return status code 200 indicating everything is configured correctly. Check your Telegram channel for the test message from Sematext.

Once the test message, is visible click the Save Notification Hook button to save your configuration.