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Install Logagent on Windows

Installation on Windows

  1. Download nodejs from and install it

  2. Install Logagent and Windows event plugin

npm i -g @sematext/logagent
npm i -g logagent-input-windows-events
# run logagent windows version 
logagent-windows --help 
  1. Optional service installer

Create a configuration file for Logagent in


(default: c:\ProgramData\sematext\logagent.conf)

In case you want to store the configuration file in a different directory, enter the new location in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment\LOGAGENT_CONFIG

Example config file to collect Windows events to Elasticsearch:

  includeOriginalLine: false
  suppress: true

    module: logagent-input-windows-events 
    # query events every 10 seconds
    interval: 10
    maxEvents: 1000

    module: elasticsearch
    url: http://localhost:9200
    index: windows_events

Run service installer:

logagent-windows -install

To uninstall the service run

logagent-windows -uninstall