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Helm Chart


This chart installs the Sematext Agent to all nodes in your cluster via a DaemonSet resource.



To install the chart for monitoring and shipping logs run the following command:

$ helm repo add sematext
$ helm install st-agent \
    --set infraToken=YOUR_INFRA_TOKEN \
    --set region=US \

The agent is running as a privileged container. It will not work correctly otherwise.

NOTE: If you want to use Sematext hosted in the EU region set the region parameter to --set region=EU.

Using Kubernetes Secrets

Kubernetes Secrets lets you securely store items such as tokens, passwords or keys, removing the need to store them in Pod definitions or container images.

If you would like to provide your infra token as a Kubernetes Secret, create a secret with infra-token as a key, and provide its name to the installation command:

$ kubectl create secret generic sematext-secret \
    --from-literal=infra-token=YOUR_INFRA_TOKEN \
$ helm repo add sematext
$ helm install st-agent \
    --set \
    --set existingSecret.hasInfraToken=true \
    --set region=US \

After a few minutes, you should see your services appear in the Discovery page in Sematext Cloud US or Sematext Cloud EU, where you can enable the collection of metrics, events and logs.


To uninstall the chart use:

$ helm uninstall st-agent

The command removes all Kubernetes components associated with the chart and deletes the release.


The following table lists the configuration parameters of the sematext-agent chart and default values.

Parameter Description Default
infraToken Sematext Infra token Nil Provide your Infra token Secret with infra/logs tokens Nil Provide an existing secret
existingSecret.hasLogsToken Does secret contain logs token false Enable if secret has logsToken
existingSecret.hasInfraToken Does secret contain infra token false Enable if secret has infraToken
region Sematext region US Sematext US or EU region
agent.image.repository The image repository sematext/agent
agent.image.tag The image tag latest
agent.image.pullPolicy Image pull policy Always
agent.service.port Service port 8675
agent.service.type Service type ClusterIP
agent.resources Agent resources {}
serviceAccount.create Create a service account true Service account name Nil Defaults to chart name
priorityClassName Priority class name Nil
rbac.create RBAC enabled true
tolerations Tolerations []
nodeSelector Node selector {}
serverBaseUrl Custom Base URL Nil
logsReceiverUrl Custom Logs receiver URL Nil
eventsReceiverUrl Custom Event receiver URL Nil
commandServerUrl Custom Command server URL Nil

Specify each parameter using the --set key=value argument to helm install. For example:

$ helm repo add sematext
$ helm install st-agent \
    --set infraToken=YOUR_INFRA_TOKEN \
    --set region=US \
    --set agent.image.tag=1.16.11 \
    --set agent.image.pullPolicy=IfNotPresent \

Alternatively, you can use a YAML file that specifies the values while installing the chart. For example:

$ helm repo add sematext
$ helm install st-agent -f custom_values.yaml sematext/sematext-agent