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JVM Garbage Collector Logs Integration

To make use of the Sematext JVM Garbage Collector Logs integration, you'll need to install the Sematext Agent and configure it to ship garbage collector logs via the Logs Discovery. You will want to create or select an existing JVM Logs App because that is what will provide you with all the out of the box dashboards and alerts, some of which you can see below.

Once data is in, you can explore it via the built-in reports:

JVM Overview Report

Sematext can also collect JVM performance metrics in addition to extracting valuable data about garbage collection from the JVM logs. For monitoring JVM performance check out the JVM Monitoring integration. These two integrations will give you a complete insight about your JVM-based applications.

Exploring Logs

You can explore garbage collection performance using the built-in reports or create your own. For example, you can use the G1GC report to see the top reasons the garbage collection was triggered, heap used before garbage collection, total heap after garbage collection or the number of G1 garbage collector workers:

JVM G1 GC Report

Other built-in reports include:

  • CMS: several dedicated reports for threads stopping and stopped, survivors, timing and generations.
  • G1: details, phases and regions related to G1GC, each in a dedicated report.

Correlation with Metrics

For quick root-cause analysis use the Split Screen feature. This will enable you to correlate metrics calculated from the JVM garbage collector logs with metrics from the JVM that your application is running in.

JVM and Solr Split Screen


With the built-in support for alerting you can be notified on any garbage collector metric derivated from your logs, such as the number of full garbage collections, an increasing number of workers, and many, many more. Use the threshold-based alerts or fully rely on anomaly detection to detect the unusual patterns in the metrics coming from your garbage collector logs.

JVM Logs Alerts Creation


If you have trouble sending logs, try out the latest version of Sematext Agent. Also, make sure Sematext Agent is configured to send logs to your JVM Garbage Collector Logs App. Last, check the Log Agents panel for any errors, and refer to our Sematext Logs FAQ for useful tips.