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Send data to Rtail real-time log viewer

Output Plugin: rTail

rTail shows real-time logs in a browser. This plugins ships messages to rTail servers and is able to launch rTail web server.


    - /var/log/**/*.log

    # rtail host to send logs to
    host: localhost
    # rtails port to send logs to 
    udpPort: 3434
    # start rtail-server with given http port and bind to hostname
    webPort: 8080
    webHost: localhost

Start logagent

logagent --config rtail.yaml

Command-line usage with rTail options

Ship logs to rtail and Elasticsearch to view logs in real-time in rtail and store logs in Elasticsearch

logagent -e http://localhost:9200 -i mylogs --rtailHost myrtailserver --rtailPort 9999 /var/log/*.log

Logagent can start the rtail web-server (in-process, saving memory), open browser with http://localhost:8080

# logagent has no dependency to rtail, to keep the package small
logagent -s -e http://localhost:9200 -i mylogs --rtailWebPort 8080 --rtailPort 9999 /var/log/*.log