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Apache Web Server Monitoring Integration



Metric Name Key Agg Type Description
async closing apache.connections.async.closing Avg Double
async writing apache.connections.async.writing Avg Double
busy apache.workers.busy Avg Double
total Avg Double
requests count apache.requests.count Sum Long
idle apache.workers.idle Avg Double
async keep alive apache.connections.async.keepAlive Avg Double
keepalive apache.workers.keepalive Avg Double keepalive: Number of workers currently sending keepalive messages
open Avg Double open: Number of workers currently not busy with any process
sending apache.workers.sending Avg Double sending: Number of workers currently sending a reply
finishing apache.workers.finishing Avg Double finishing: Number of workers currently gracefully finishing connections
reading apache.workers.reading Avg Double reading: Number of workers currently reading incoming requests
closing apache.workers.closing Avg Double closing: Number of workers currently closing a connection
idle cleanup apache.workers.cleanup Avg Double idle cleanup: Number of workers currently performing idle cleanup procedure
starting apache.workers.starting Avg Double starting: Number of workers currently starting up a connection
logging apache.workers.logging Avg Double logging: Number of workers currently busy updating log files
waiting apache.workers.waiting Avg Double waiting: Number of workers currently waiting for a connection
dns lookup apache.workers.dns Avg Double dnslookup: Number of workers currently requesting DNS lookup


If you are not seeing some or any Apache metrics, you can create a "diagnostics dump" and contact us via live chat or email. To create the diagnostics dump just run the following:

sudo spm-httpd-diagnostics

This will create a ZIP file and show the Sematext Support email address to which the ZIP file should be sent.