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On-Page Transactions

Measuring user activity can be critical for understanding what your users are experiencing while interacting with your website. This gives you a better understanding of your users needs. Measuring delays between when a user sees a page and clicks a button, versus how big of a delay users see when navigating between pages on your website, or how fast you reply to a live-chat question are all crucial for understanding your users' needs.

Adding On-Page Transactions

To make use of On-Page Transactions functionality you need to first add transactions to your App. Press the green plus button in the top right corner.

Add Transaction

Specify a Transaction name. Have in mind the name is important - it has to match the name you will use in the Real User Monitoring script. Also add target time and description and then press save.

Specify Transaction

The Transaction was added, but there is no RUM data related to it. Let's improve this.

Transaction was added

Add this function call to start the transaction. The second parameter must match the transaction name you previously created.

 strum('startTransaction', 'ExampleTransaction');

And by this call transaction will be ended.

 strum('endTransaction', 'ExampleTransaction');

Finally, this is what you will see after the transactions start sending data to Sematext about user activity.

Transactions in action

That's everything you need to configure. Enjoy your Transactions!